Rejuvenate Your Skin With a JetPeel Facial in Windham, ME

Treat yourself to a detoxifying treatment that boasts same-day results

If you're looking for a powerful skincare treatment that addresses everything from wrinkles to dryness to an uneven complexion, you'll love the JetPeel facial offered at Elysian Aesthetics Spa, LLC in Windham, ME. The JetPeel facial is gentle yet effective enough to improve the overall health of all skin types. Plus, you'll see visible results after just one session.

The JetPeel facial combines the benefits of dermabrasion, chemical peels, extractions, and micro-needling. The JetPeel technology combines lymphatic massage, exfoliation and serum infusion to effectively:

  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  • Even out your complexion
  • Hydrate dry or flaky skin
  • Flush out toxins and bacteria
  • Exfoliate textured skin

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How does the JetPeel facial work?

During your JetPeel treatment, your aesthetician will use a tool that generates liquid jet streams over your skin to provide lymphatic massage, exfoliation and deep infusion of a nutrient-dense serum into your skin. With this tool, we can safely penetrate below the surface of your skin without needles, harsh chemicals, irritation or discomfort.